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Fresh Wind regata

Всероссийская олимпийская лига яхтсменов

Yachting is seen as the sport of millionaires throughout the world. The Fresh Wind regatta, which will be held from July 21st  – 4th  along the Ulyanovsk – Tolyatti – Ulyanovsky – route, will be the ideal opportunity to feel like the master of the waves and a real sea wolf. For two weeks only will the sport of millionaires be open for everyone.


The regatta’s main aim, according to the organizers, in particular the Volga Cruise Union, is not only to introduce yachting as a sport to the wide public, but also to unit regattas from various Volga towns into one big festival, thereby bringing in the younger audience. The motto of the event will be “Sport Against Drugs.” The organizers believe that it’s far better to pick an extreme sport than an extreme way of life.


A joint panel from Moscow and St.Petesburg will officiated the regatta with qualification no lower than at national championship standards. For a detailed list of the competitors too to www.freshwind.simbir.ru. UAZ and VAZ cars up for grab for the winners, while the main prize is a yacht.